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Church Planters Training

Church Planters Training program is for those who have a vision, to plant churches in areas where there are no churches. The CPT is a one and a half year program, containing five modules. We invite applications, scrutinise them and select the right candidates. A one-day orientation training program is organised in each district and all the applicants are invited. Candidates working in other organisations are not entertained unless they have the consent of their leaders. It is mandatory for such candidates to submit a recommendation letter along with the application. Training is given and the candidates are asked to select a target area. Philip Ministry books are provided by us and they start to work in accordance with the training they receive. Their work is monitored and results are evaluated by us. We select only those places where there are no churches.

After selecting the right candidate, we invite them for the first module of training. The first module deals with evangelism and that will enable the student to evangelise people in his target area. He will be equipped to evangelise children, youth and adults in his area. Each module lasts for five days and the accommodation, food and travel expenses of all the students are met by us. After a period of three months, they are invited for the second module of training. By this time they will have, many saved people in their area.

The second module of training deals with Discipleship and the emphasis is on Care-cells. After the five-day training, students are given three months to implement what they have learned. They are then invited to the third module which deals with Knowledge/Membership. We teach and make them understand that, new believers need to be helped to grow in the knowledge of God and the Word of God. By this time, there will be some believers who are getting ready to be baptized. So they are encouraged to give baptism and start worship services in that area. The fourth module deals with Leadership. We help them to lead like Jesus and equip them to be good leaders. They are also taught to equip their believers to become better leaders than themselves. The last module is on ‘Becoming a Model’ and we deal with perfection in that module.

So, each Module is a five-day course with a period of three months between the modules. Philip Ministry books are used in all the modules. After the successful completion of CPT, a graduation service is held. More significantly, and the cause of much joy is the ‘new church’ that is planted in that area.

It needs to be understood that we do not have a church ministry as such, but, we equip and help others to plant churches. We do not interfere or hamper any of the activities of the local churches. On the other hand, church planters continue with the Philip Ministry and we support them with the materials, resources and Bibles.

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