Other Ministries

Training for Youth Ministry
Bible Traniers

We provide training in church to reach the youth effectively and help the church to start youth fellowships that will help the youngsters to grow in the knowledge of Christ. We are happy to provide training for you in your local congregation. You will also be given practical Action Plans to take away and begin to work through as a team. As an important part of this training, we would then follow you up in the weeks and months that follow, as you seek to implement the things you learn into your youth ministry.

Our goal is to help teens follow Christ all of their life.

You will be challenged to think about your purpose for ministry, leadership development, building a prayer support team, peer evangelism, ministry training, programming and much more.

We are not just trying to reach teens; we are also trying to shape them to look more like Jesus.

We see this happen by leading teens to engage in worship, study God's Word through relevant teaching, and process faith through small group led by adult mentors.

Training for Children ministry
Bible Traniers

Children ministry is one of the most important ministries in the church. They are the leaders and movement shakers of tomorrow. Children are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church today. Children ministry cannot be just a babysitting service.

Children ministry should have the church’s best and brightest teachers and leaders. Children ministry is an equipping ground; it’s a time where kids should get together to celebrate God and reinforce the teachings of Christ that they should be receiving at home. If they’re not receiving godly teaching at home, then it’s a place of hope and loves where we should be reaching out and become a Christ-like figure for those kids.

The healthy, growing churches of today all have at least this one thing in common—great children ministries. They have invested in the next generation. They have poured resources, money and time into creating a culture where kids—our future—are valued and celebrated.

Children can experience and contribute a huge amount in the Kingdom of God, and it is a privilege to be involved in helping them to do this.

The Bible Trainer’s Children Ministry Training is aimed at any team – however large or small – that works with children in a Christian setting, whether in a church or in the community.

It would also benefit people who have a heart to work with children but want to learn more before they do.

The training will inspire, encourage and give you fresh tools and vision to equip you in what can be a challenging and unappreciated task.

Remember, God places huge importance on ministering to children. (Mk 10:14).

Leadership Training
Bible Traniers

Every tribe in the Christian Community is struggling to find the leaders who will inspire, motivate, and influence the Church to live into the potential God has placed within us. Yet, in congregation after congregation, the most common response to the challenges of living into that calling is that we ‘just don’t have any leaders” or enough leaders or leaders who are equipped for the challenges for the day. When asked about how these leaders are developed in their context it becomes clear that most congregations have given little thought to building a process. Leaders do not grow on trees. Most leaders are not born leaders. Leaders are developed through a process of church leadership training. This can take a variety of forms, each of which is effective in its own right and none of which can truly stand on their own. An effective process of church leadership training usually includes a combination of different forms based on the leadership focus and resources available.

This highly interactive and practical workshop is designed to help pastors and church leaders develop effective servant leaders who are matured disciples of Jesus Christ committed to:

Lead Like Jesus

Practise the spiritual gifts effectively.

Intentionally empowering others to do the same.

Care cell Training
Bible Traniers

Cell Groups are a network of believers committed to a stronger relationship with Christ. The church is the living body of Jesus Christ on the earth. Cell Groups will allow you to Share what the Holy Spirit is teaching you, pray for issues that you and your family face, Fellowship with other believers who understand one another's needs, and evangelize your community for Christ.

A Cell Group is a small group of 8-12 people that meets weekly in someone's home. Cell Groups are modelled after the Biblical pattern of small groups found in Acts 2:42-47.

The early followers of Jesus understood the need to gather as a church in small groups for support, encouragement, and training for ministry. These small groups meeting in homes, offered a place to form genuine relationships, and they provided easy entry places for new believers. They also provided a non-threatening, comfortable place for those who were seeking to know more about Jesus and His church.

Cell Groups are the main vehicle to build relationships in church. In our day of broken homes and broken families, Cell Groups provide a stable family environment that all of us so desperately need. The need for intimacy and accountability can be met in this weekly, small group environment.

We Provide training to the church so that the church can implement the care cell concept and strategy in their church and effectively build leaders and equip them for the church growth.

Pastoral Counseling
Bible Traniers

Pastoral Counseling is the need of the hour. People need inspiration for tough times. When troubles, turmoil, and suffering roll in like a storm, they need hope and encouragement to get them through. Right now, the world is in a fearful time. Personal troubles and sufferings are increasing. People face needs and trials in their lives and sometimes they are beyond their own ability to understand. When they find themselves in a situation it is time to reach out and find help. There is a significant and expanding need for caring, well-trained Christian Counselors. Many Christians have discovered that Christian Counseling is more consistent with their beliefs than secular counseling, and can provide real solutions to the problems that challenge them. Every day, Christians seek counsel from representatives of their faith. Pastors are often asked to provide counsel, but few have had the opportunity to be educated in this area of ministry.

Training For Strengthening Families
Bible Traniers

This Seminar will empower participants to cultivate right perspective towards God’s design for marriage and parenting and also how to build a happy and successful Christian Family.

What marriage is all about

God’s plan for the family

The Role of Husband/ Wife

Communication in Marriage

Keeping romance in marriage

Understanding how to meet each other's sexual wants and desires.

Resolving conflicts quickly

The most important aspects of forgiveness.