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Philip Ministry

In the passage from Acts 8:26 onwards, we find that Philip went and evangelised the Ethiopian. The word says, he:
                            --- was led by the Spirit
                            --- obeyed and went.
                            --- asked a question.
                            --- explained the meaning.
                            --- helped him to take a decision.

We know that Philip was an ordinary man who served at the table, while, the Ethiopian was the Finance Minister of his country, reckoned as ‘great’ by the world. Yet, Philip went up to him and asked him a question. The important thing we need to understand is that, Philip was equipped.

Through the Philip Ministry, we train Pastors and believers to fulfil the ‘Great Commission’. Though most believers have an ardent desire to share the Gospel, they do not know how to share it, in accordance with the needs of the people. It is here, that we provide training to the church and equip the ordinary believer to effectively share the gospel to his ‘Oikos’ i.e., his family, friends, relatives and neighbours. We believe church growth is possible only through personal evangelism.

Mathew 28: 19, 20 says “Go and make them my disciples.” In order to fulfil the great commission, we have two books that aid in reaching out to the unbelievers and training them for discipleship. The first book is regarding evangelism, comprising five chapters. Each chapter talks about salvation or how people can be saved. We have prepared a series questions and the duty of the Active Philip (those reaching out to evangelise) is to help unbelievers find the answers. This will also help them avoid unnecessary arguments and questions, and win souls easily. We strongly believe that faith comes through hearing the Word of God. So, we encourage them to complete the first book and in spite of inviting them to church, continue the bible study through the second book, by starting a Care-cell group, for which training is imparted by us. By practising the Care-cell concept, we help the church to develop and equip leaders. Through the first book, we intend to make believers and through the second book turn the believers into disciples.

So, quite appropriately, the second book deals with goodness. In 2 Peter 1:5-8, we read, “ your faith supply goodness; in your goodness Knowledge...” (NASB). The second book comprises ten chapters. After the completion of the fifth chapter, we supply them with Bibles at a subsidised rate. The new believers can continue their Bible study using their own Bible and that will help them to acquire Knowledge. Bibles are given, only to those who complete the Bible study.

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